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The Cuppycake Song is now playing in over
2.8 million videos on TikTok, with over 1 billion combined plays between February and October 2023.


Update: In the span of 25 days,
The Cuppycake Video has been watched
over 50 million times on Instagram Reels.
October 18 2023 - November 12 2023 


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In early 1996, Los Angeles songwriters Judianna and Buddy Castle placed a small wav file on their home page to help promote a children's album inspired by the birth of their daughter Amy. It was an excerpt of Amy at age three, singing a song called "You're My Honeybunch" that Judianna had written for Amy as a Valentine's day present and which has since come to be known and loved around the world on the internet as "Cuppycake". Now you can listen to the complete "Cuppycake" song (not the edited internet version) plus 10 other great new original songs on the family's delightful BALLOONS album.

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The Cuppycake Song is just one of 12 wonderfully addictive original

"songs to delight the imagination of children and parents" that you'll find on our BALLOONS CD.


 Absolutely precious!!! loved all the songs. 

Reviewer: Denise

The CD Balloons is absolutely precious!!

My six month old son stops what ever he is doing to listen when we play this CD.The tunes are just darling. You know it has to be something good when the parents are the ones dancing and clowning around with the music!!! If you want to truly enjoy something with your children, this is the CD for you!!!!!!


A must CD to buy----it is so amazingly good for my granddaughter!   Reviewer: Becky

We received the CD - Buddy Castle: Balloons. It is just wonderful.

My 13 month old granddaughter grins like crazy every time she hears it,

especially the cuppycake song that is sung by the little girl.

This is a great CD. I wouldn't mind buying 2 or 3 more for gifts.

I would highly recommend puts little ones in very happy moods!


Fantastic CD...every home should have one! 

Reviewer: Wanda

Happy tunes to bring smiles to the young and the old!

There is a feeling of love that can fill a home that plays this wonderful CD!

I bought this for a gift...and I kept it! This will be my first choice when ever I need a Baby gift! Super fast delivery and the greatest E-mail I ever received describing the filling and shipping of my order!

Talent runs high...not only with the artists, but with the entire company and marketing staff! God Bless You All...


"BALLOONS is a masterpiece - songs, vocals, production -

my hat's all the way off!"

- Dave Kinnoin, children's artist/songwriter for Disney and The Muppets.

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